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Tali Ben Bassat

Israeli Artist 

טל בן בסט. שדים ורוחות רפאים. 2010

Tali Ben Bassat has been active for the past three decades, and her works have been featured in numerous solo and group shows in galleries, exhibition venues, and museums. The themes that stand at the heart of her work involve the exploration of the material itself and the essence of painting, etching, and print as mediums. The representation through these languages, and the use of diverse materials, serve her as a starting point for a creative process that centers on the encounter with the material and the issues it summons. The subject matters of her work are drawn, among others, from the endless corpus of the history of painting itself (particularly modernist 20th century. painting, and artists who explored painting as a medium).                                                  


In recent years, Ben Bassat has engaged in the disassembly and reassembly of the urban.    

image into surfaces and shapes using the language of etching and print, gradually reducing the narrative until it completely disappears

Tali Ben Bassat’s works are included in museal and private collections. She received the Ministry of  Culture Artistic Encouragement Award in 2003, the Ministry of Culture artworks acquisition prize in 2002, the Minister Award in 2018, and the 2020 Ein Harod Museum’s Alima Rita Award for Print Art

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