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Palestinian Artist

"Dominant"- acrylic on paper (A1) 2020

Asala -  Palestinian Artist "Dominant"- acrylic on paper (A1) 2020

"My life experiences are the direct inspiration for my work. A stranger I see on the way, an inanimate object, Food that fell on clothes by mistake.
Through my artwork. I ask questions about whether I would like to share the details of these experiences with another person.
I may start a painting with an idea or a line and during work on it the idea changes and changes happen and sometimes the inspiration comes from the first layers, but I found that drawing is more than a dialogue between the artist and the work. It is better to listen to what the painting has to say than to impose the idea and draw a plan of what the painting will look like. I must give the painting to speak.
The drawing process is more an experiential conversation than something planned. Therefore, permanent changes occur in every painting and in every layer of paint a more developed idea is formed from the layer that came from - a dialogue between me and the painting. I've found that my best work comes from listening to what the painting wants and not stressing the first idea.
Color symbolism is important in my work and I use it to communicate feelings and moods. And It appears in my sharp style and the brushstrokes and other tools used, also shows lines above the drawn faces and characters as determining their location and emphasizing their presence, what distinguishes my paintings is the direct contact between the eyes of the painting and the viewer and thats what most matter to me"

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