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Opening show

Eight works by eight different artists are displayed in Naby Gallery’s first exhibition. The artists were asked to express their experience during the Corona lockdown. The works on display express the general sense of paralysis, of social and creative isolation, whether experienced personally or communally.

At a time that allowed us to be introspective, the everyday and obvious were experienced from a different lens and even ceased to exist completely.

These less-than-ideal work conditions narrowed the accessibility of material for subjects to work with. Being stuck in this way, with abundant time during challenging circumstances, gave way to different artistic works, which are often not characteristic to the artist.

Exhibition No.


Miriam Cabessa

Miriam Cabessa


Tamara Dekel

רוני סומק.png

Ronny Someck

נבי מה נשמע.png
כרמל אילן

Carmel Ilan

מיכל ציטיאט

Michal Chitayat




Roni Hajaj

Michal Chitayat.png
DUDIHASON copy.jpg

Dudi Hasson

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