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Wonder Around


A woman turns, circles around.

Is she circling around herself? Circling, dizzy, not seeing? Or moving through her life in dance?

Perhaps she turns back to see what’s left of her past interests, looks back in fear, looking for her own shadow.

Or wanders through the rooms of her own home, looking to go out but unable to.

A woman wanders ,staring ,wondering, or is she determined? Is she moving forward or is she withdrawing? Is her movement linear or is she tracing back her own steps?

It is possible that she is wandering the streets, paths, fields, city alleys, around the block or along the beaches, hoping to come across enlightenment.

Or is she really circling around her lover, perhaps continuing to circle round her wedding chuppa, not searching for her own self yet. 

Exhibition No.


Tali Ben Bassat

Tali Ben Bassat

מפנה את הגב. ורוניק ענבר

Veronique Inbar

מירי דוידוביץ

Miri Davidovitz

מיכל בסעד

Michal Bassad

ללי כץ. מפית ורודה ורקפות

Lali Katz

אביגיל סגל. LOVE FLOWERS

Avigail Segal

Jennifer Abessira

Jennifer Abessira

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