Michal Chitayat

Israeli Artist 


Michal Chitayat, Israeli videographer, video poet and business consultant in the fashion industry. Combines photography, video and music to create a simultaneously personal and universal visual diary. Her work includes video clips for musicians, artists, dancers, fashion designers, and site-specific video art for nightclubs, hotels and restaurants. Grew up in Hong Kong and London. Lives and works in Tel Aviv.


“No Kissing Allowed” by Michal Chitayat

Recently, the “story” format on Instagram has become my alternative exhibiting space. Photos and videos I upload are part of a visual diary which I create, edit and curate as a way of life. 


Although story images disappear from the platform after 24 hours, they remain accessible in one’s private Instagram archive. The movie “No Kissing Allowed” was created out of the materials in this archive, and reflects my Corona year: a kind of chronological stream of consciousness made up of the images I chose to upload out of the vast quantities I shot during 2020. The movie begins in March 2020 with the outbreak of Covid 19 and ends in December 2020. It consists of stills and videos, sometimes with sound and often silent. The images alternate between personal and national and universal spheres.